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SC Songhai is registered as a limited liability company in Nigeria to carry out soccer and sports related business ventures. The SC Songhai club is an off shoot of the company. The following are our goals


The following are services/ activities we carry out in FC Songhai

One reason for the clubs’ wishes to identify soccer talent at a young age can be related to their fear of
identifying these players too “late”, both in terms of development opportunities and the risk of losing
the players to competing clubs. By identifying players earlier, the clubs get to “shape” them at an early
age, and thereby produce players according to the clubs’ own playing systems and/or desirable skills.

Our coaching is aimed at turning raw talent into skillful professional. In the training of young people we
will follow the principles of self-reliant development and will be geared toward physical, moral, and
professional development of the youth in local, national and international football.

When we sign players, we don't intend the players to just make a fortune with us but they can use us as
a stepping stone to their millions. SC Songhai, to an extent, are part football club, part talent agency,
digging players from the rough turf of non-league and allowing them to be inspected by those with
fatter bank accounts. We put players in the shop window. Our job is to expose them to these
opportunities and get paid doing that

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