Moffetade Nigeria Limited


At Mofettade, we run a client-focused organization that places clients at the heart of everything we do. By doing this, we are able to deliver high value-added products and services that meet the needs of our internal and external customers, thereby contributing to social development and economic growth.

Running within our veins is the passion to deliver quality services and products in the agro-allied industry. This passion has driven us to exceed way beyond our clients’ expectations. Best of all, we are doing it not only because it is right, but also because it forms part of our core-values.

We also have a long standing reputation for integrity, professionalism and excellence. Since the inception of the company, these have been the attributes that we are known for on all our transactions with our clients. And because of our drive for excellence and divine guidance, we are positively oriented to get it right not only the first time

Plants and Agriculture
Livestock Farming
Logistics and Freight Forwarding